2019 season: Banja Luka for the win!

We are going to give our best to achieve our goals in City League

MarkoEsports Manager Swordfish Banja Luka

2019 kicks off

2019 is here! A new year for City League also means a new year for all clubs involved. We are very proud to announce that Banja Luka will join City League with their Swordfish team! We already know Swordfish Banja Luka from the Rocket League open bar tournament. Welcome to the league guys! 

Why is Swordfish Banja Luka joining City League?

“We love to compete and put our skill on test” Marko starts off. Marko is the esports manager for the Swordfish Banja Luka Gaming Center. “We think that City League is a great way to compete with European teams and at same time represent our city in the best way possible.” Banja Luka clealy wants to put itself on the esports map in Europe, and City League is the best possible way to do so!

Marko continues: “We are expecting a great fight between the teams, to have a lots of fun and great expirience.” Swordfish is looking for a fight with the other clubs and we can’t wait to see them battle.

What are you expecting to get out of the participation?

Marko points out that it’s important that clubs like Swordfish connect with other esports clubs in Europe, saying: “Bounding with esports centers around Europe, promoting our gaming brand, having a great social and competetive experience and promoting esports to our fellow gamers.”


What are you going to do to achieve this goal?

A short statement from Marko, but a strong one: “We are going to give our best in all of the above.”

Good luck to Swordfish Banja Luka on the battlefield. Welcome to City League <3

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