2019 season: Kappa Bar stands strong again!

Kappa Bar’s hopes to create a hub for esport in Jönköping and to become the “capital of esport”

ParanoiaEsports Manager Kappa Bar Jonkoping

2019 kicks off

2019 is here! A new year for City League also means a new year for all clubs involved. We are very proud to announce that Kappa Bar will join City League with their Jonkoping team again! They will join City League for the full 2019 season. We love to see the Kappa’s back in action. Last time they played we all had a blast. Welcome back guys! 

Why is Kappa Jonkoping joining City League?

“We really enjoyed the last season of City League” Paranoia starts off. And we know they did! Kappa Bar played an amazing semi-final against the Alphen Rhinos in season two. He continues: “The format, management and production made it even easier to sign up for Season 3”. 

City League will keep working on a more accessible and professional environment as time goes on. For now, we are very happy to see Kappa Bar in the City League again <3

What are you expecting to get out of the participation?

Paranoia explains that Kappa Bar is aiming for something more in Sweden, saying: “We hope to create a hub for esport in Jönköping and to become the “capital of esport”. We feel that joining City League is getting us closer that goal.” We are very happy that City League can contribute to Kappa Bar’s goals in the future, and we wish them all the best in achieving this awesome goal. Keep on rocking!

What are you going to do to achieve this goal?

“Our boys are going to practice hard and work for an including community” Paranoia says. We are sure Kappa Bar will be a prominent member of City League in Season 3 again, bringing good vibes to the online battlefield! 

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