2019 season: United Bialystok continues in City League!

United Bialystok’s goal is to promote esports locally, and there is no better way to do so than to be a part of an international league

Damian ŚwiderskiEsports Manager Games United Pub

2019 kicks off

2019 is here! A new year for City League also means a new year for all clubs involved. We are very proud to announce that United Bialystok will join City League for the full 2019 season. United Bialystok was also part of the very first CS:GO season that City League held. Welcome back! 

We spoke with the esports manager of United Bialystok, Damian Świderski. We asked him a couple of questions regarding their participation. 

Why is United Bialystok joining City League?

“Because we love good competition of course!”. Damian starts off with a light-hearted quote. “On a more serious note, our goal is promotion of esport locally. And there is no better way to do so, than to be a part of international league.” Like many other teams, Bialystok wants to get in to esports on a local level. 

They also want to be an example for people joining the pub, Damian says. “We can set an example for people that come to our Pub. Show them that participating in various leagues is a fun and rewarding experience.”

What are you expecting to get out of the participation?

Damian thinks that United Bialystok will be good contenders for a 2019 title. “A championship of course!”, he says. “Also, by participating in this league we promote esport in our region.”

City League might be the key to creating more esports content for enthusiastic players in Bialystok. “This is also a way to create a CS:GO community, build around one of our favorite games.”


What are you going to do to achieve this goal?

“As for the winning part, we practice a lot. Participating in the previous edition of the League has woken our competitive spirits!”. United Bialystok can’t wait to brawl against other teams in the league to see if their hard works pays off. 

“We also promote every match on our social media. This helps us gather more and more people to show up and cheer for their city team!”. Good luck United Bialystok, we are sure a lot of fans will cheer for you!

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