2019 season: welcome SP Thessaloniki!

SP Thessaloniki hopes to be part of something greater, to offer a chance for our players to be seen by more people and perhaps be presented with opportunities they wouldn’t have in Greece alone

Nikos KalivasSP Thessaloniki Venue Owner

2019 kicks off

2019 is here! A new year for City League also means a new year for all clubs involved. We are very proud to announce that SP Gaming from Thessaloniki will join City League for the full 2019 season. SP Thessaloniki is a popular esports bar in Greece that is eager to join the league. 

We spoke with the owner of the SP Gaming venue in Thessaloniki , Nikos Kalivas, and asked him a couple of questions regarding their participation. 

Why is SP Thessaloniki joining City League?

“First and foremost we are really excited by the level of professional presentation and organizing we encountered with City League.” Nikos starts out. SP Gaming has ‘gaming’ in it’s flesh and bones, which Nikos likes to point out.

“We love gaming, we have personally been gamers since the Atari and Amiga 500 days, and later on have been working in Gaming Cafes for more than 20 years. Our dream project, SP Gaming, opened 14 years ago and we have been trying to offer the highest quality for the gaming public of our city since 2005.
We currently offer equipment such Secret lab Titan chairs, BenQ Zowie and Asus ROG monitors, 2080rtx GPUs, and equivalent gaming peripherals from Cooler Master, Razer, Logitech and HyperX, while we frequently organize tournaments on a local level.” This shows the level of professionalism that SP Gaming is on. Awesome gear! 

Nikos continues: “The chance to join in a beautifully presented gaming organization at its formation, now that e-sports are blooming and becoming a globally accepted phenomenon, and to offer even more options to our players, was something we just had to support – and an opportunity we wouldn’t pass up!”. 

What are you expecting to get out of the participation?

“We are hoping to be part of something greater and to offer a chance for our players to be seen by more people! Perhaps be presented with opportunities they wouldn’t have in Greece alone. The expectations are to have fun through the league format of friendly competition, but to also attempt and create competitive teams that could perhaps evolve to professional levels. Players are already achieving wins in local or even global online tournaments, so this might be the promotion they need!”

This comment from Nikos really shows that there is potential within the Greece esports community, and that players are willing to give it all to beat the best in the City League tournaments!

Additionally, Nikos talks about the Gaming Cafes in Greece: “Gaming Cafes are a reality in Greece for a long time. Organizing tournaments and LAN parties, and creating local team and leagues since before the current widespread acceptance of our hobby. We see an opportunity to offer an additional unique experience for our customers.”

What are you going to do to achieve this goal?

“As soon as we fully understand how City League works we intend to publicize each and every event through our social media. Also cover our participation with streams of our own, inform our many players and customers and run tryouts and qualifiers to form specific teams for City League events.” Nikos says, looking forward to future collaboration with City League on all levels. 

“Once things get going, we want to offer additional prizes in-house for our teams whenever possible, perhaps most importantly contact companies with whom we have already formed partnerships to inform them about City League and ask for additional promotion. Possibly a sponsorship as well, either for our teams or for the whole League should of course City League desire so.”

Welcome SP Thessaloniki to City League! Your enthusiasm is mind-blowing. The best of luck in future tournaments! 

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