Season one has ended!

After all the drama, the action and the tense plays, the smoke clears around the first season of City League. It has been a truly awesome experience from the start and this seems like a good time to look back a little bit. Recap time!

A short recap: Thanks for participating!

First of all, thanks so much for playing! Many of you got involved and gave it your very best on the battleground. Also a huge shoutout to the winners of the very first CS:GO season, The Alphen Rhinos! We are now looking forward to the second season, which will hopefully include 16 teams! We will keep you posted on all our official social channels and in our Discord Server!

What did you think of this season?

Your voices are more than important to the City League team! Get involved @Twitter using the hashtag #CityLeague or just join our Discord Server to let us know what you think! It’s valuable that we keep improving our game for the good of you, so don’t be afraid to speak out!

We are also working on video highlights of Season One, so stay tuned!

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