A new beginning

Alright then. City League. Let’s talk business.

It’s time for a change in the esports world. When you think of esports, you’re probably thinking about stadiums filled with pro’s, teams with million dollar contracts and fans from all over the world. Although this is a great image to picture in your head, we want to make some changes to this general concept. Why should teams only consist of pro’s? And do you really need a million dollars to become an esports player that plays in a grand league? We don’t think so. Let us explain why.

We <3 Local

Think globally, act locally

Seems about right, doesn’t it? We believe in the power of local gaming venues. Being together with your friends and playing games you like is a great spending of your time, and we all love it from time to time. But why not take it to a higher level? Picture the ‘Champions League of esports’. We don’t think that this league would need a million dollars at all. Get some friends together, join your local esports club and push the pedal to the metal.

City League will focus on the local aspect. A team from each city that will fight against each other in all sorts of games. Starting point: Overwatch. Venues from all over Europe will be joining what is the ‘Champions League of esports’. Every weekend, teams that represent their own city will battle for glory. Gather points every weekend and climb to the top of the mountain, where eternal victory will wait for you, your team and your city!

Unite your community

What’s better than giving a game your best shot in front of a crowd? Every weekend, there are different matches to spectate online. But even better: you can go to a venue near you and watch it all happen live! Why not support your city in the battle for glory and fame? Get together with the team that represents your hometown and get them something to play for: your faith! Each season will crown a champion of Europe and every team needs supporters to achieve that golden crown.

If you can’t watch it live, no need to worry. There will be a livestream every weekend, where shoutcasters and analists will do their very best to cover all the action for you. Who won against XYZ Zagreb? What’s the standing in group B? Did you like your apple? And everything in between!

Get behind the City League!

Whether you are a venue holder, a true gamer or just an enthusiast: it’s time to come into action! A lot of local venues from all over Europe already signed up. Are you missing a cool place? Let us know! There is still time to join the very first season of the City League, starting in March!

Make sure to contact your local venue, set up a team if you don’t already have one and get ready for the action.

Let’s build a league with numerous teams from all over Europe, representing dozens of city’s and playing lot’s of games! Are you in? We for sure are! If you have any questions regarding the City League, please check the ‘About us‘ page for all information and how to contact us!


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  1. flavio pereira

    Venues + Lan Action + Tournament with another Venues online?
    Who is the best venue of europe, contest may have started for overwatch

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