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What's City League all about?

I wanted to create the esports experience for everyone, regardless of their skill level: the excitement of people watching your games, the pressure to perform, the reward afterwards.

Sjaak KuilInitiator of City League

City League: Grassroots esports

City league is here to connect places through esports. Let us tell more about who we are, why we do what we do and most importantly: How you can be a part of it all.

The City League project was started by people who believe in the future of esports. But where did that vision come from? Since the beginning of Esportswall, an online tournament platform, the excitement kicked in. The team behind City League has countless hours of experience running online tournaments, promoting an esports platform and managing teams and players. With this experience, we are looking to expand the wonderfull world of esports to beyond the horizon.

The City League will give players from anywhere in Europe the opportunity to unite and fight together, as they represent their beloved city.

Why City League?

City League aims to create an opportunity for all gamers to get involved with esports competition. With weekly livestreams and multiple online leagues, there is always something for you to get involved in! 

  • Grassroots esports
  • Become a local hero
  • Connect venues
  • Challenging competition
  • Online tournaments
  • Represent your city
  • Sports + Recreation
  • Live on Twitch

Live on Twitch

Twitch is the ultimate place for you to shine! Every week, City League will broadcast matches live so your fanbase can gather themselves to shout you to victory. Be sure to bring your A-game on screen!

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Create your own story

By participating in City League tournaments, you are building on your own unique esports story. We keep track of all your stats and display them on your own player page. Ready to write your own book?

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Who are we?

Sjaak Kuil

General Manager

I would love to play with friends every week inside my favorite esports club and compete against other teams in Europe.. This wasn’t possible, so I’ve launched City League!

Tom Oggel

Content manager

I found my true love for esports when I joined Esportswall in 2016. Since then, I’m doing everything in my power to pursue my esports dream: Make a platform for everyone to enjoy. That’s where City League comes in <3

Sean Wilderom

Tournament director

I am a long time esports fanatic trying to make the best tournament experience for every player on our platform here on City League!

Tom Weerdhof

Graphic Designer

Visual design is my passion. I am studying communication and multimedia design and love to design and think about (and build) new concepts.