The team behind City League

Our Story

City league is here to connect places through esports. Let us tell more about who we are, why we do what we do and most importantly: How you can be a part of it all.

The City League project was started by people who believe in the future of esports. But where did that vision come from? Since the beginning of Esportswall, an online tournament platform, the excitement kicked in. The team behind City League has countless hours of experience running online tournaments, promoting an esports platform and managing teams and players. With this experience, we are looking to expand the wonderfull world of esports to beyond the horizon.

The City League will give players from anywhere in Europe the opportunity to unite and fight together, as they represent their beloved city.


  • Sjaak Kuil Managing Director Sjaak Kuil
  • Tom Oggel Content Manager Tom Oggel
  • Sean Wilderom Tournament Director Sean Wilderom
  • Tom van de Weerdhof Livestream Operator Tom van de Weerdhof


City League branding kit

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