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As you all know, City League is about your hometown. Your city. Your venue! Let’s dig some deeper in where those juicy venues are and see which country they represent.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands are well on their way to become a worldwide esports powerhouse. Well… Who knows? Venues like the Esports Game Arena in Alphen aan de Rijn and the 010 Esports house in Rotterdam are great examples of the growing interest in esports in The Netherlands. These two venues are also joining the City League and will be competing with other venues from all over Europe. Watch these two closely. The Dutchies are passionate about their online skills and are not affraid to show it.


As much as two esports venues in the City League are from Belgium and there is a very good reason for that. These so called ‘Outposts’ are different places throughout Belgium where gamers can meet each other and play an almost unlimited scala of games. From board games like Settlers of Catan to League of Legends, card games like Magic the Gathering and many more. With two outposts in Antwerpen and Ghent, the Belgians are well represented in the City League and nothing will hold them back to take the first ever victory!


The word ‘Class’ has a whole different meaning in The United Kingdom. Tea, driving on the left side of the road, what not? All jokes aside, the typical British class has found it’s way to esports as well. In Liverpool, the Horizon E-sport Club has everything for the British esports enthusiast. It’s a café & lounge, where you can enjoy some tea while killing hordes of zombies. Or hordes of enemies, in the City League! England is ready to take on Europe and has brought this stylish esports venue to the party. Now let’s see who will come out on top, will we?


Warshaw, Gdansk, Kielce. Iconic places in Poland. These are also the places that hold amazing esports venues that will join the City League for a battle the online gaming world has never seen before! When it comes to esports, the East-European countries have always been stepping it up. The people are very interested in online games and they are willing to spend hours and hours trying to become the very best.


In Croatia, we find one of the most ambitious esports centers in Europe. Zagreb is host to a hyper-modern gaming venue where XYZ Zagreb plays all sorts of games. Just like in Poland, the people of Croatia will not hesitate when it comes to esports. The facilities in this country give gamers a chance to represent their very best self in competitions like the City League. Who is going to stand in their way to take the first ever title?

Bosnia and Herzegovina

The XYZ venue also has a location in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Mostar to be precise. This shows that this is the very first esports organization in the City League with multiple venues in different countries. Will this make them stronger? Or is it going to be a problem when both XYZ team face eachother in the grand final? Only time will tell.


The Battlenet Gaming Station is the most modern and fastest growing gaming center in Greece. This esports center in Athene will represent Greece in the City League in an awesome way. Well trained gamers, great equipment and a hardcore fanbase. The people of Greece will certainly be looking to take the first ever City League title home.


The country known for their food, fashion and cars wants to make a big splash in the City League with their Milan-based team The Milan Titans.The Milan Titans play in the Titan Gaming Center in Milan. The Titan Gaming Center is the place in Milan for all things gaming and esports related with a strong focus on community.


Who are you rooting for? Let us know in the comments! Also: if you are missing YOUR venue or country here, let us know through the ‘About us‘ page!

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