2019 season: Alphen Rhinos are back for more!

The Alphen Rhinos want to show that they can compete at a high level in Europe, and we know they can!

Marcel PetitContent Manager for Esports Game Arena

2019 kicks off

2019 is here! A new year for City League also means a new year for all clubs involved. We are very proud to announce that the Alphen Rhinos will join City League for the full 2019 season. We all know the Alphen Rhinos, based in the Esports Game Arena in Alphen aan den Rijn, because they are the current City League CS:GO Champions!

We spoke with someone who is really close with the Rhinos, Marcel Petit. We asked him a couple of questions regarding their participation. 

Why are the Alphen Rhinos joining City League?

Marcel starts by pointing out the Rhinos’ intentions this season. “We want to show that our guys can compete at a high level in Europe”. We know that they are able to do so! They took multiple City League titles already. Bring it on!

“The way City League organizes the tournaments is very professional” Marcel continues. “We are eager to participate!”

What are you expecting to get out of the participation?

“We want to create an enthusiastic Dutch esports group that fights for gold. And of course the fans should encourage their heroes!”. Marcel then talks about the Dutch esports community and how important City League is for them. “We believe that joining City League helps us to put esports in the spotlight here in The Netherlands. It also creates a podium for players that would otherwise just sit at home”.

“Furthermore, the City League businessmodel is important. We believe in its potential and the connection it offers with potential partners.” Marcel thinks that this is partly due to the professionalism of City League. “That’s why we are joining again this year!”.


What are you going to do to achieve this goal?

“We are using our channels to connect to the people who like us, and the City League concept. We also promote promote City League with our staff.”

Marcel ends the interview with a line that might be one for the history books in a few years: “Lets create local heroes!”.


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