City Community Prelims Weekend 2 coming up!

Prepare your cup of tea, couch, and pizza for the next weekend of the City League tournament series: City Community Prelims weekend 2! Let’s dive right in the matches and some small updates for this weekend. This weekend we’re happy to have two shoutcasters each day, so prepare for even more shouting and analyses during the matches!

Matches of Group A

Group A is playing on Saturday and kicking off with the Zagreb Wolves versus Liverpool Horizon. Last week we’ve seen an amazing series from the Liverpool Horizon squad, but can they do it again? The Wolves have practiced with several scrims and they are ready to battle. You can follow this match at 12:00 CET live from our Twitch channel.

The second match is between Rotterdam Terror and Antwerp Giantkillers, and it’s probably the match of the week. Last weekend performance was absolutely amazing by both teams, with an incredible livestream from the Esports House 010, the esports club of Rotterdam Terror. This is expected to be a very close match with a very high skill level. We expect to start at 14:00 CET, you can follow everything live on our Twitch channel.

The last match of Saturday is between the Athens Ambassadors and Gdansk Reconnect. Both of these teams had an unfortunate first weekend but are keen to battle for their first win! The Ambassadors are playing on the mainstage of the BattleNet Arena in Athens, which is a goal for every esports athlete. The match is scheduled to start at 16:00 CET. If you are from Greece, make sure to calculate the time-zone difference of +1 hour.

Matches of Group B

Last weekend the match of the week was the Milan Titans versus the Wien Dragoners, which brought us the first tiebreaker of the pre-season. This week Wien Dragoners will be kicking things off at 12:00 CET against Warsaw Meta. The top tier players of the Wien Dragoners are eager to grab their first win!

The second match on Sunday is the Mostar Hornets versus the Ghent Giants. Last week we’ve seen an incredible performance of both of these teams. The Hornets even shared an amazing team picture with us, featuring printed t-shirts! The match is scheduled at 14:00 CET. We will find out which of these teams will be victorious.

The last match of the City Community Prelims Weekend 2 is between the Alphen Emperors and the Milan Titans. The Milan Titans had the play of the week last week with the DVA Bomb by ‘MrGertex’. What will the Emperors do in response? Did they find the right tactic to break through the Milan defenses or stop the last-moment push from the Titans? We will find out in their match, which is scheduled to start at 16:00 CET .

Make sure to clip your favorite part during the livestream on Twitch, we love to share these on City League social channels like Twitter and Facebook!

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