City League is looking for partners!

Hey Partners! You wanna team up?

City League is actively looking for partners who support our concept and are looking for a way to get involved in global esports future! The City League concept is heavily based on connection between different parties that just love esports. Players, viewers, readers, venues, websites, sponsors, you name it! You as a partner are essential for this connection, establishing a highway of traffic for ethusiasts to ride on.

 Why be partners with City League?

As a partner, you will have an amazing opportunity of both promoting your own content to the City League crowd, and connect your own fanbase to the City League concept! Since both of these things could be interesting for both sides, we are looking for you to get involved! The City League concept is also one of continuation. After the first CS:GO season there will be another one, and another one, and…

We are also looking to expand our City League offer with more games like League of Legends and Fortnite. While these games are still being considered and nothing is concrete yet, it’s a great chance for you as a partner to be involved in a big European esports competition for many years to come.

Interested already? Just shoot us an email @  if you are interested in working together! If you are in need of information for sponsors or you want to become one yourself, send an email to 

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