City League: Open Bar: A new competitive format

We teased a new, open format in our previous article about season 3. Now it’s time for you to discover what this new competitive format is, and how you can get involved with it! Let’s take a look at what we have planned for you in the next couple of weeks.

The new format is all about giving access to as much players and venues across Europe, so they can experience City League very easy. So how does this work? The new format is called “City League: Open Bar”. Just as the name suggests, this variant of City League is open to every single esports venue across Europe. This way, new venues can get a taste of the City League vibe and get in contact with other venues. The format focusses on single-day tournaments across different games. This means that clubs who are not really familliar with online tournaments can gather local enthusiasts to join one of the “City League: Open Bar” evenings and battle with venues all across Europe.

When, what, how?

We are aiming to create more content throughout the year, using our unique physical venue based concept. Therefore, we decided to launch the very first City League: Open Bar event early December. This gives us a little bit of time to prepare, and gives you some time to get hyped and prepare as well! This is what the City League Open timeframe will look like:

  • 12 December – Rocket League
  • 19 December – League of Legends

All Open Bar tournaments will start at 19:00 CET and will roughly take four to five hours. We really want to create an open environment, thus we are constantly working on better tournaments structures and time tables.

Why should I join City League: Open Bar?

The City League: Open Bar is not only a great way for your venue, club or friends to get to know City League. It’s also a way for you to practice on your everyday game that you love. You will also meet new enthusiasts in your esports venue. A little bit of social interaction never hurt anybody! If you like your experience with the City League: Open Bar we are hoping that you and your team make the step towards City League, so that you can battle against clubs across Europe in a longer lasting tournament format!

We are also looking to expand our City League: Open Bar offer by talking to game developers such as Epic Games. This way, we can offer more games for everybody to experience.

Hold my beer. How do I join?

Just check out the City League: Open Bar page, where we will provide all the information you need for all the City League: Open Bar event. Just shoot is an email directly if you want to join! Note: only venues can sign-up. If you are a player and you want to join the City League: Open Bar events: form a team and contact you closest esports venue! 

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