City League Open Bar

Free to join for every esports venue in Europe

City League: Open Bar

Upcoming City League: Open Bar matches:

  • 12 December: Rocket League
  • 19 December: League of Legends 

All tournaments are free and start at 19:00 CET.

Upcoming Open Bar Event

Rocket League

On the 12th of December, City League will host a Rocket League open tournament!

Some basic rules:

  • Best of three ( Bo3 ) estimated time 15-20 min
  • Round Robin System
  • Every venue will play against the other venues twice
  • In case of a draw, a final will be played!
  • Top 2 in the tournament play in a best of seven ( Bo7 ) for the ultimate day victory
Upcoming Open Bar Event

League of Legends

On the 19th of December, City League will host a League of Legends open tournament!

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