City League prize pool update

You wanted to know about the Prizepool? We got you covered! Here is our explanation regarding the prizepool!

Prize pool: explained

  • Prize pool starts at: €300,-
  • Five exclusive jerseys worth a total of €225,-
  • YOU can donate!


So the prize pool has a guaranteed €525,- already in it. There you go. Boom. But that’s not it! We will include five exclusive City League jerseys as well! These jerseys will be different every season, so make sure you try your best to lay hands on the very first one! The design for the jerseys will be revealed to you just before the first season starts! Shoutout to Manatee for the production of the epic jerseys!

Donations are also very important. To boost the prize pool, we will be working with different donator categories. Here is what that will look like:

  • € 5 – Shoutout in the livestream chat
  • € 15 – Add your name to the ‘Supporters’ webpage
  • € 31.99 – Earn the ‘Supporter’ role in discord
  • € 100 – Listed on top of the ‘Supporters’ webpage


Each donation gives you a so called ‘perk’. The higher you go with a donation, the more ‘perks’ you will earn! And here is the most important thing: 100% OF ALL DONATIONS WILL GO TO THE PRIZE POOL! 

If you want to donate: click here! Want to know more about City League? Read our article that explains it all or follow us on Twitter and join us in Discord!

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