City League season two recap

Season 2: A recap

Wow. What a season. Numerous new teams joined the league and they were responsible for a very colourful season. We saw new players giving it all for their team, making unforgettable plays against their opponents and developing new tactics CS:GO had never seen before!

Alright, enough chit-chat. The teams in season 2 showed City League that the CS:GO community really has an enthusiastic vibe around it. We received photos, videos and venue livestreams from teams showing that they were playing in bars, clubs and cafés all over Europe. Before we get in to the breakdown of season 2: Thanks to all the teams who were involved and made this season possible. We’ve had a blast and we hope the players, teams and viewers had as well!

The production crew of the City League final day

First things first. We already know that the Alphen Rhinos are the City League champions for the second time in a row. Before we get to the champs, let’s first take a look at what other teams had to offer. Did they meet the expectations? And how do they feel about the performance themselves?

Defeated by Kappa Jonkoping in quarter finals

First up: Jersey Royals. This surprisingly active and enthusiastic team from Jersey came to City League with high hopes. Although they did not succeed in reaching the finals, Jersey still surprised with a very clean venue and quick responses to questions by the production team. So what did they think about City League themselves? Here is what they thought about their appearance on City League:

“It’s great to participate in a Europe wide event.” Player Norberto ‘Single’ Alves said. “We don’t get a lot of chances to play against other venue-based teams, so it was a great experience for us all.” Alves was the top player for Jersey this season and he is looking forward to the next season: “We aim to come back for the next season so we’ll see you soon!”

We aim to come back for the next season, so we’ll see you soon!

Norberto AlvesPlayer for Jersey Royals
Defeated by Quickfire Malta in eight finals

Despite finishing last in group A, Engage Aberdeen brought another great vibe to the City League. The second team from the United Kingdom was carrying a heavy burden: Defend the national pride. This seemed nearly impossible in the difficult group with Kappa Jonkoping and United Bialystok.

Player Robin ‘Sl][der’ Small said: “The league itself was very well organized and enjoyable to play in a great atmosphere. It was great to work with a team of local players, something that in a smaller city like Aberdeen is not normally possible”. “The venue Engage offered a great venue with plenty of space to play and friendly staff” Small continues. He underlines the importance of local service, and admires the other teams in the league. “The players received a lot of support from friends watching the stream and hyping us up! We look forward to come back one day”.

It was great to work with a team of local players, something that in a smaller city like Aberdeen is not normally possible

Robin SmallPlayer for Engage Aberdeen
Defeated by Reconnect Gdansk in quarter finals

Quickfire Malta might have been one of the most passionate teams to ever enter the City League. The professional venue in Malta gave the impression of an amazing team ready to battle. With creative plays they made the homepage after the quarter finals, where they were knocked out by Reconnect, 2 to 1. Player Kristijan “Killera” Kukovski became player of the week with outstanding scores throughout the eight- and semi-finals. Nathan “Zelli0n” Bonello on the other hand made the play of the week after the semi-finals, but was very sad when he saw his team getting knocked out. Nathan ‘Zelli0n’ Bonello gave some insight in how it was to be part of the City League.

“It was a great experience, playing against other experienced teams from around the world. In our country the CS:GO scene isn’t that big anymore and I had lost motivation to play. But with the City League, I regained my focus and motivation“. Bonello also stated that Quickfire Malta “Learned from previous upsets” and that City League Season 2 was “Amazing”.

Defeated by Reconnect Gdansk in semi finals

The first of two Polish teams saw their hope crushed in the Polish semi-final derby. United Bialystok took the first place in group A, so there was a lot of potential to make the grand final. Player Krystian “Maxiu” showed an amazing KDA of 1.81 throughout the season and his team really thrived to reach the semi-finals. 

Runner-up in the final against the Alphen Rhinos

That other Polish team, Gdansk Reconnect, also showed potential and really took on City League season 2 with both hands. The main team of Reconnect became well known within the City League community and the players stepped up their game to reach the finals. This extraordinary performance earned them a lot of respect from the community. Reconnect kept believing in the title until the end, but just missed glory.

Defeated by Alphen Rhinos in semi finals

Kappa bar. A legendary name and a legendary semi-final game against the champs, Alphen Rhinos. The Kappa Jonkoping team showed all the other European teams that Sweden is not to be fiddled with. The awesome venue in Jonkoping was home to one of the best teams of this season, which made the Alphen Rhinos sweat a little bit in the semi-final. An insane comeback to 15-14 on the second map almost denied the Alphen boys a direct place in the finals. Kappa Jonkoping was motivated to participate in the City League, let’s find out what players Orädd and Bruiser thought of their City League experience:

“Well, I will atleast speak for myself, but i think everyone in the team agrees that City league is a really great concept” Player Karl “Orädd”Rydin says. “Being part of City League for the first time as a player really sparked something inside me. It was very exciting and funny to play against other teams in this format with commentators on twitch” Rydin also mentions that it felt as if Kappa Jonkoping were playing in a professional environment, even though they are just an amateur team. “This feeling became even stronger when you sit at a venue like Kappa bar in our case, which was a really awesome experience for myself” Rydin concludes.

Kim “Bruiser” Andersson also mentions the positive environment as on the unique aspects of City League. “Playing side by side in a venue instead of from home gives the tournament an entirely different vibe, which was alot of fun“. Andersson concludes by saying he feels that if City League gets more exposure, the level of competitiveness will grow as well: “We feel that the competitive level of this past season was pretty good and as the league gets more exposure, this is only going to increase season by season“. 

Being part of City League for the first time as a player really sparked something inside me

Karl RydinPlayer for Kappa Jonkoping
The season 2 grand champion

The reigning champions. Undefeated. Almost uncontested. The Alphen Rhinos showed why they deserved the second consecutive title in City League season 2. Last season the Alphen Rhinos defeated the Mostar Hornets with 2-0 and impressed the City League community with flawless plays. This season was no different and the Rhinos showed very little flaws in their play. The only misplay that was widely recognized was player Wouter “Wouter” Erkelens missing a Kappa Jonkoping player scouting the area, which cost them the round eventually.

This is what Martijn ‘mRx’ Verheijen had to say about the Rhinos’ experience in City League: “CityLeague is a fun and unique concept for all skill levels. Hanging and gaming with your friends offline at a venue is all kind of fun”. Verheijen continues: “Not only does CityLeague provide opportunities for players to develop, it also makes room for new and upcomming streamers! The city league staff is friendly and very helpful, if you have any problems or questions they will do anything to help you”. Verheijen concludes with a recomendation: “If you have friends and a venue nearby, I would definitely recommend you’d join city league for a season or two!”.


If you have friends and a venue nearby, I would definitely recommend you’d join city league for a season or two!

Martijn VerheijenPlayer for Alphen Rhinos

Thanks to all the teams who joined in for season 2. The experience has been amazing and the team behind City League could not have done it without your support! Whether you are a viewer, a player or a club owner, we value your support along the way and we hope to make season 3 even bigger and continue to grow our community.

See you guys next season, thanks for the ride <3

The City League Team


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