CS:GO Season 4 – The City League Recap

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CS:GO Season 4

Another CS:GO season, another great success! Eight teams joined for the fourth season of CS:GO on City League. Let’s see how they did and who really stand out for each team. 

Swordfish Banja Luka participated with two teams this season, while Deventer Forces were a complete new face in the familiar line-up. Thanks to every team that participated in CS:GO Season 4! 

The season

The fourth season of CS:GO saw a total of 15 matches played by the eight participating teams. Just like in the League of Legends season, some teams had a great start. Prior to season 4, Swordfish Banjaluka and Mostar Hornets were the teams to keep an eye on. After losing the season 3 final to Kappa Jonkoping, Swordfish Banjaluka was eager to get the title this time, as the Swedes did not join to defend their title.  

All teams showed great sportsmanship throughout the season, which added to a really awesome vibe at our Twitch channel! As the season continued, both top teams did not lose a match until may the 9th, where Swordfish did beat Mostar in an awesome clash of the titans. Little did we knew that this would also be the Grand Final later on in the season!  

Deventer, Abederdeen, Prague and Banjaluka 2 all stranded in the groupstage, which resulted in four teams still aiming for the Season 4 CS:GO victory. In the first semi-final, Mostar Hornets beat Antwerp Lions 2 – 0. In the other semi-final, Swordfish Banjaluka bested United Bialystok 2 – 0, and thus we had our final! 

The winner of the Grand Final was Swordfish Banjaluka, winning 2 – 0 against Mostar Hornets in an awesome fight! Check out the full final here

The MVP's

Let’s take a look at this seasons best players and get an insight how they performed! You can also check out the full list yourself

  1. IDZUO and Korma, playing for Swordfish Banjaluka both had the exact same, very high headshot ratio: 58,97% of their kills were made with a headshot. Are they the same player?  
  2. The Hornet’s NOXER was the absolute assist king of this season, finishing CS:GO Season 4 with 42 assists. Nice!  
  3. Antwerp Lions had a combined kill total of 464. A great result, because they did not play the Grand Final. Best of the rest! 


What's next?

There is a new season on the way! Make sure to keep an eye on the schedule page for all the information on scheduled matches. For now, the new CS:GO season will start on the following date:

  • CS:GO: 13/06/2019

The season will make use of the new division structure, we are aiming to start the season with 2 divisions! Make sure to follow us on Twitch so you get notified when we are live with the fifth CS:GO season! 

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