Exclusive City League jerseys by Manatee.gg!

Here it is. The very first exclusive City League jersey for season one, designed by us! Let’s first take a look at who will exclusively produce these jerseys: Manatee.gg! Manatee.gg delivers the highest possible quality when it comes to esports apparel. This is why City League has chosen for the Manatee.gg gaming jerseys! On their website, Manatee offers a wide variety of jerseys and apparel.

The jerseys for the first prize of City League Season One, produced by Manatee, click for full page image:

How to get a jersey?

Well, that’s simple: Win the first season and they are yours for the taking (included in the prize pool). Don’t worry: If you are not a player yourself or you don’t win the tournament, you can also buy the jerseys in our webshop! Cost of one jersey: €45,-. Later on, we will try to add more awesome apparel in the shop, so stay tuned!

You can fully customize your jersey! Here is what you can change:

  • Name on the back
  • Gamertag on the back
  • Country flag on the back

Are you hyped already for the first season? On Thursday the 19th we are kicking things off at our Twitch Channel! Get in our Discord Server as well to follow all the latest updates and news regarding the first season!

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