Experient? A chance to visit your favorite venue!

Few might have noticed that a small detail has been added to every clubs page… Yet this change is about to ignite a whole new chapter of City League, thanks to Experient!

What is Experient?

Experient offers hotel reservations or meeting space, connected to a certain event. We are very happy to announce that our collaboration with Experient offers something very unique. You are now able to book accommodation near your favorite venue! If you visit the Ghent Giants club page for example, you now see “Book the cheapest hotel now” just below the website and Facebook links. When you click that link, it will lead you to a website where you can directly book your hotel near the Ghent Giants!

This adds to the ‘Full esports experience’ we want to offer with City League. Local heroes is the main focus of the league and the service that Experient has to offer perfectly connects with that vision!

Have any questions? Hop on our Discord Server, or hit us up over @ Twitter!

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