An explanation

So, now you know about us. But what are we on to? This article will give you an explanation about the format, the point system, first match dates and more.

The general info

The City League will be all about Overwatch to begin with! Are you interested in another game? Don’t worry, there’s much more to come.

The general concept is as follows:

  • Each team competes in their local venue
  • Clubs will represent their City and venue
  • 6 Players in top team
  • 4 Substitutes per team
  • The venue is responsible for any updates regarding the team

This is pretty simple, right? Get your team to your favorite venue and play 6v6 competitive Overwatch. Or, if you are a venue holder: Get a team to play 6v6 competitive Overwatch on your location!

The livestream

Every match will be broadcasted LIVE. Smile, you’re on camera! This way, your fans from all over Europe can watch you play in your hometown. It’s even better when these fans come to your venue to watch it all happen live! Give it a bit of a cheer, will you?

We are aiming to go live every Saturday and Sunday, to update you with shoutcasters about the City League matches! Just keep an eye on our Twitch channel and follow it to get notified about when we are live!

The Format – An explanation

Here is a listing of all the settings that regard gameplay. Nothing more, nothing less.

General settings

  • There will be a game map rule preset
  • Kill cam is disabled
  • On hero selection limit per team
  • All 25 heroes are available


  • A match will consist 4 maps
  • 4 Maps will always be played
  • Draw = Play tiebreaker
  • Maps in the pool are selected randomly
  • Duration: ~2 hours per match


  • Match won = 1 point
  • Game won = 1 map score
  • Max score = 3 – 2
  • The club with the most points is #1
  • Map score will settle draws

We hope we made some stuff clear now. More updates on teams, venues, locations and other good stuff will follow on the go. Also, keep an eye on the ‘Teams‘ page for all updates on venues and clubs!  For now, stay tuned here and if you have any questions regarding the City League, the team behind it or anything else, check out the ‘About us‘ page.


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