Final TCL Report – Kappa Jonkoping take title!

In the fifth week of the third CS:GO Season of TCL, the final had arrived! Finally, the biggest event of the season was here. Both Kappa Jonkoping and Swordfish Banja Luka managed to reach the finals. They defeated Mostar Hornets and United Bialystok! The final day was epic, and all the teams brought a good crowd to Twitch to spectate and cheer for them! Over on our Twitch channel we broadcasted both matches again, check out the channel for vod’s and clips!

Kappa Jonkoping take the league title

After Kappa Jonkoping had beaten Mostar Hornets in a 2-0 victory, on the 7th of March, they saw Swordfish win against United Bialystok on the 14th of March. Both teams brought their very best to the table and we saw some very interesting rounds! Kappa showed strenght all season, and they managed to overcome Swordfish in the end, with 2-0. This meant that season 3 of TCL had a winner: Kappa Jonkoping!

Huge thanks to all teams involved, and everyone who came to spam Kappa and other emotes in Twitch chat. Thank you all so much for joining us, until next season!

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