Five new faces: here’s what they bring to the table!

When new teams show up in a League, it’s always interesting to see how they perform. With City League, the pressure is high: YOU want to be better than the other cities! Let’s see if these five new teams can put the established order to the test. 

City League

Five new faces...

While season two is not that far away and teams are getting ready to perform on the big stage, City League starts to be a concept where more and more teams are getting involved in. Five new faces are making an appearance in the City League this season.

Whether they will perform or not is something for the future. But for now, let’s dive in five teams that are making a new appearance in the second season.

Where are they located? What kind of players will they deploy to battle for victory? Those and more questions ask for very interesting answers. Let’s have a look. 

Who doesn’t love Sweden? The Kappa Bar from Sverige is ready to rumble in season two of #CityLeague, and why wouldn’t they be? With passion for gaming, tough personalities and extremely fast internet, Sweden might just be the best place on earth.

Alright, enough jabberish. What about the players? We all know League of Legends  bottom lane star Martin “Rekkles” Larsson and Gustav “s4” Magnusson, who joined the Evil Genius Dota 2 team this year. For the CS:GO part: The Fnatic CS:GO team is completely Swedish! A lot of potential there, and it’s interesting to see if the Kappa Bar can develop some local talent from their homebase in Jönköping!

  • Sweden is awesome
  • Amazing CS:GO history
  • Kappa emote
  • Local esports potential

Malta. The place where all the good stuff seems to happen. How can one NOT like an island in the Mediterranean Sea? The real question is: Will these warm winds positively influence the Quickfire CS:GO players, so they can simply bring down teams from colder places, like the Kappa Bar in Sweden?

One thing is for sure: Malta has little to no significant esports history. Well-known FIFA player Kurt “Kurt0411” Fenech is the only one that (in earnings) really stands out. But does this mean that Malta is completely without chance against other teams in the league? OF COURSE NOT!

When we take a look at the Quickfire Esports Center website, we are looking at a professional esports organisation, partnered with the islands Ministery for tourism. Malta has a lot of potential to deliver esports talent in an awesome way, so let’s hope they are ready for a battle and looking for wins!   

  • Professional esports
  • Ultra profitable tax climate
  • Warm Mediterranean Winds
  • Host of a CS:GO Invitational

Aberdeen is a very nice place located in the top right of Scotland. For those who never heard of Aberdeen: it’s a warm city with lot’s of beautiful architecture and nature all around. This doesn’t have anything to do with esports, but that doesn’t mean that architecture and nature is completely irrelevant. 

So, let’s dive in to the United Kingdom’s background in esports here. A name that pops to mind is Spencer “Gorilla” Ealing. This widely known FIFA player is one of the top performers when it comes to professional esports players in the UK. In 2016, Splyce earned a lot of respect when this almost full United Kingdom team reached the Call of Duty World League Championship final and became second. As the first European team ever. There you have it, UK citizens CAN virtually aim well. But Scotland still has to prove itself as a powerhouse in esports, so what does this mean for Engage Gaming?

This is the best chance for Aberdeen to lock down a place in the Scotland esports hall of fame for, like, ever! We are sure that Engage Gaming will put the other teams in the league to the test, to the very best of their abilities! 

  • UK Virtual aim is a +1
  • Looking to fight the top
  • Awesome esports cafe
  • Website is a .GG domain

Another island, another story. This time, we are talking about Jersey. An island near the cost of Normandy, France. The sun seems to be always shining on this beautiful piece of land in the sea, which surely boosts the confidence of everyone walking around there. 

We are very sure that this sunlight will impact the esports players on Jersey as well, since the Jersey Royals will need to step up their game in the second season of City League! Jersey has no international esports experience as far as we are concerned, so there is no material to compare Jersey to the other cities in the League.

One thing is for sure, with the website, Jersey is looking to become a big player in the local esports industry. Enthusiasm, a clear goal and optimism. Yes, that’s what we need! 

  • Enthusiasm over 9000
  • Another +1 for island
  • Jersey = t-shirt?
  • Eager to get into the game

Not to be mistaken with Valencia, the large city in Spain. No, we are talking about Valence, a commune in the Rhône-Alpes department. With over 60.000 residents, this town is quite large in the Alpes area. The nature covering the nearby area is breath-taking, as is the whole Alpes region.

French esports screams one name: Sébastien “7cknmad” Debs earned over 2.2 million dollars playing Dota 2. When it comes to CS:GO, France has one of the best CS:GO teams in the business, G2 Esports. This team has a French coach and manager and dominated tournaments like the 2017 Dreamhack and the 2017 ESL Season 5 finals. 

All in all, things are looking bright for Squaregame Valence, but can they follow the footsteps of their fellow countrymans? Certain is that Squaregame will show up well prepared, looking for nothing but wins!

  • Not Valencia
  • Bright esports future
  • Rhône-Alpes <3
  • Eager to win

All in all, the teams seem well-prepared and ready to jump into the action. If you don’t want to miss anything, be sure to join our Discord Server and check out our socials! 

Any questions or comments? You can leave those in the comment section below. We are looking forward to work together with these and more teams in City League season two. Are you hyped as well? 

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