Fortnite brawl #1 Recap

On Sunday the 10th of March, City League hosted the very first Fortnite brawl ever! The day started with a total of seven teams, who were all ready to battle for first place. With that shiny victory also came 75 euro’s for the first duo!

Fortnite Brawl #1 teams:

SP Thessaloniki sees victory

Throught the day, that started at 12:00 CET, there we multiple teams playing at the same time. Over at the stream on Twitch, viewers could enjoy every match from the players perspectives. The first team that got knocked out of the tournament was SP Thessaloniki 2. Shortly after Reload Prague got beaten by Swordfish Banja Luka 2, after losing to Mostar Hornets 2 in the upper bracket.

More teams did bite the dust, but things got really interesting in the semifinals of both the upper and lower bracket. Teams tried to use different tactics to beat the other team, but in the end, Mostar Hornets 2 and SP Thessaloniki 1 were the last teams standing.

The finals were best of three, which almost resulted in an awesome comeback by Mostar, because one of the two Thessaloniki players died early in the match. Brilliant play kept Thessaloniki in the game, and they were the ones who take down the first Fortnite Brawl!

Fortnite Clips

Be sure to check out our Twitch Clips page to see awesome plays that were captured during the stream. Thanks for watching and until the next brawl!


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