Grand Final: Toldersma and Blaze on the 19th!

The City League Grand Final is coming to YOU on the 19th of August! Are you ready to cheer your favorite team to victory?

Grand final location

The City League Season One Grand Final broadcast is live from Amsterdam, in a professional recording studio! We are very excited to share this amazing news with you, since this ‘offline’ setting will offer more excitement for the viewer. You won’t miss a thing on the 19th!


We are very pleased to announce that Thiadrik ‘Toldersma’ Oldersma and Twan ‘Blaze’ van den Berg will be joining us LIVE in Amsterdam to cast the City League finals! These two very fine casters are already familiar faces in the City League scene. It’s going to be a blast whatever happens! Of course it’s not yet clear who will be fighting in the Grand Final, but we DO know that the Alphen Rhinos and The Mostar Hornets will be present in the semi-finals! Keep an eye on our Twitch Channel to follow all live broadcasts!

Live coverage

Just like in the pre-season, coverage will be all live! And you know what’s even better? There will be webcams inside the finalists venues so we can see them break a sweat and contact them live! Do not miss it!

Are you in for a great day on the 19th of August? We are! Come join in, and stay up to date in our Discord Server!

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