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The semi finals are now behind us and it’s time for the Grand Finals to be played! Let’s have a quick look on the semi finals, and the teams that have now made it in to the TCL Grand Finals.

The semi finals

For League of Legends, the semi finals were a faceoff between SP Thessaloniki and The Hub Leuven in the first semi final. The second semi final saw HuB Valence battle Antwerp Lions. Both matches saw some insane moments on the rift, one of which was shared on Youtube later as well. Thessaloniki took down Leuven in a 2-0 KO, while Valence bested Antwerp in a 2-0 clash.

CS:GO had the Mostar Hornets defeat HuB Valence in a 2-0 contest. Interesting to see that HuB Valence reached two semi finals this season. Well played! The other match between Swordfish Banjaluka and NewGuys Jablanica resulted in a 2-1 victory for the fishes. In a very thrilling contest, they were the ones to claim the second Grand Final spot!

Grand finals – teams

Congratulations to the teams that made it to the Grand Finals!

League of Legends


All the teams are familiar with City League for quite some time now. The best of luck to everyone!

HyperX Giveaway and prizes

HyperX is sponsoring the prizes for the Grand Final! The winners will all receive:

Cheers HyperX!

Meanwhile, the HyperX Giveaway is coming to a close on the grand finale day! Check out this article for all information regarding the giveaway:

If you have any questions regarding the Grand Finals, or the giveaway: contact us via Discord!

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