Grand Finals recap – End of the season

Another City League season bites the dust, so it’s time for us to look back on things that happend this season, and what is coming up next! The most important addition to this season was Rocket League being introduced as a new game, and with four teams joining there was enough reason to get excited for a new esports adventure!

Season one, three and seven

Yeah, the season numbers are all over the place. But that’s only because we are adding new games to the list! Let’s have a look at the teams that participated in each game this season:


League of Legends

Rocket League

Thanks to all these participating teams in all three seasons. It has been a blast again and we hope to see you, and new teams, around for the next seasons! Special shout out to The Hub Leuven and Antwerp Lions, who had teams in all three games! Both clubs made it to semi-finals: Leuven in League of Legends and Antwerp in CS:GO!

This seasons has also be one of social engagement. We saw a lot of teams that participated hit us up on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Also: Lots of teams tagged each other! Thanks a lot for that, it makes TCL more inclusive and fun to watch!

Grand finals

To start things off: Swordfish Banjaluka managed to make it to the Grand Finals in two games: CS:GO and League of Legends. This was a hard job, because the competition in these games was very tough. Although they made it to both finals, they did not win one of them.

In League of Legends, SP Thessaloniki was victorious after a 2-0 game. The Greece team was looking for revenge after last season, where they lost the Grand final to HuB Valence. They managed to do that in style this time: Huge congratulations to SP Thessaloniki!

In CS:GO, the fishes saw a successor in ECVesports Alphen. Banjaluka did not manage to defend their season five title and lost in a very exciting final to the Dutchies from Alphen aan den Rijn. Also a huge contrats to them for beating last seasons champs!

Last but not least, the Rocket League Grand Final (which was not livestreamed), was won by Eindhoven Lunatics, who managed to win the first season ever Rocket League in TCL! Great work and the best of luck for defending your title next season!

The upcoming seasons

The starting dates of the upcoming seasons will be shared on our social media channels ASAP. Also: We are running a fantastic esports event with the support of HP Omen. 

Be sure to contact us in Discord if you havbe any questions. For now, thanks for joining us and until next time!

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