Giveaway: HyperX and TCL looking for local esports teams!

Bright days are upon us: HyperX and TCL have combined powers in the search for the very best local esports teams that this world has to offer. To celebrate this search (and to strenghten it), we are setting up an awesome giveaway where you can win high quality HyperX prizes! So, what do you have to do? When does it start, and for how long? And most importantly: what can you win?

The HyperX Giveaway explained

  • Start date: Monday the 24th of June, 20:00 CEST
  • End date: Thursday the 11th of July, 23:00 CEST

Make sure to follow City League on all social media platforms:

How to join the giveaway? On the 24th of June, we will share a special giveaway post on our social media channels. Make sure to like and share this post, and follow City League on all social platforms possible!

What’s there to win?

Each winner of the giveaway on a platform, and in the final stream, will win:

Isn’t that cool? The best gaming hardware for free, just because we like you, and you like us <3

We are ready and we hope you are too! Good luck out there!

For questions, you can contact our staff directly in our Discord Server.


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