Information about the new TCL season

Hey All,

Hope you had a great few weeks! We were in need of a small break after the last season to get rest, evaluate and make plans for the next season. Let’s have a look at what the new season will bring us!

Starting date and prizes

League of Legends: 30th of October

CS:GO: 31th of October

League of Legends will run on Wednesdays, CS:GO on Thursdays. The dates for the Grand Finals will be on the 15th and 16th of December.

Deadline for sign up is the 27th of October!

The prize pool for both CS:GO and League of Legends will be 225 euro’s in total.

After serious evaluation, we decided to put Rocket League on hold. We are aiming to make a comeback with Rocket League later on, so it has not dissapeard from our tournament schedule. We want to focus on CS:GO and League of Legends for now.

If you want to sign up your club, contact an esports venue near you were you can play! It’s required to play from inside a physical venue when joining City League tournaments.

Contact us!

Please contact us if anything is unclear about the new season. The fastest way to reach our team is through our Discord Server.

No Discord? Or looking for something else? Try Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Direct Contact.


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