Inside: Austria

Vienna. What a beautiful city. But who cares? It’s the city that will take home the City League trophy. At least, that’s what they believe… Let’s have a look at what Austria has to offer to the esports community.

 The Venue

The Wien Dragoners are based in the Respawn eSports Bar, which might remind you of Liverpool’s Horizon E-Sport Club. A combination of food and drink, great ambience and esports! The Respawn Bar gives players a place to get to all the content related to esports and connect them with the world. Wether they want to organize an event themselves or watch one, it’s all there. This is truly Austria’s #1 spot for the esports community.

The Players

Because of the great place over at the Respawn Bar, true talents can discover themselves in Austria, creating a lot of potential. Previously, Austria has been very successful in games like Quake Champions with Richard ‘Noctis’ Gansterer and Counter Strike with Franz ‘Gore’ Burghardt. Will the new generation stand up and make Austria proud?

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