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Small country, great success! Belgium is truly ready to take on other participants in the City League, bringing two venues to the playground! These ‘outposts’ are ready to represent Belgium in the finest way.

The Venues

With venues in both Antwerp and Ghent, Belgium is well represented in the City League. The venues in Antwerp and Ghent are part of the ‘Outpost’ network, an esports network with multiple locations throughout the country. This way, every gamer has a place nearby where they can play boardgames, get in to MMO’s or just chill out and have a drink. A combination of great equipment, a beautiful location and players make these outposts the ideal spot for true esport fans!

The Players

Some of the most well-known esporters are from Belgium, ranging from League of Legends to Counterstrike: Global Offensive. A very prominent member of the professional esports community is Mitch ‘Boris’ Voorspoels, who played League of Legends on the highest level for years. Currently, Mitch (previously known as Krepo) is headcoach of the Schalke 04 League of Legends team.

Other well Belgian esporters are active in the CS:GO scene, Adil ‘ScreaM’Benrlitom and Kevin ‘Ex6TenZ’Droolans.

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  1. Noobbani

    Without forgetting our Overwatch League players:

    Andreas “Logix” Berghmans from the Florida Mayhem and
    Alexandre “Spree” Vanhomwegen from the Houston Outlaws

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