Inside: Croatia

Like the other Eastern European countries, there is much to gain for Croatia. Professional equipment, amazing spots and driven players. These folks are ready to beat any foe in the City League!

The Venue

Zagreb Wolves against the world! Based in an enormous location with high value equipment, these esporters may very well be the most well organized team in the City League. The ‘XYZ Esports Arena’ is a long-term based concept to bring esports to life in Croatia. And it is succeeding: Multiple locations are being opened in the country, as well as in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The public attention could give an extra boost to the esports community and give the players a push in the right direction.

The Players

The most popular player from Croatia is probably Luka ‘Perkz’ Perkovic. This mid laner for G2 Esports is rumbling in the game League of Legends. With other professionals in World of Warcraft and Smite, Croatia has proven to be very successful in MMO games. Can they do it again in the FPS genre? We’ll find out soon!

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