Inside: Italy

Another player enters the battlefield! The country known for it’s food, fashion and cars wants to make a big splash in the City League with the Milan based team The Milan Titans.

The Venues

Italy has hosted quite a few esports events, one of them is the Italian Esports Open. The IEO is hosted in a very special venue, the Esports Cathedral. This location is so special, because it’s based inside a cathedral. Imagine the ambiance and the thrill that adds to ‘Just another esports match’. The Milan Titans play in the Titan Gaming center in Milan. The Titan Gaming center is the place in Milan for all things gaming and esports related.


Popular Italian esports players are ClouD and Reynor who play the game Starcraft 2. But the rising star in Italy is Daniele “Jiizuke” Di Mauro, he is the first professional Italian League of Legends player. Jiizuke plays for the team Vitality in the EULCS where he currently dominates the midlane. All this can mean only one thing: Italy is ready for the next generation of esports!

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