Inside: The United Kingdom

Esporters from the United Kingdom normally throw high eyes at tactical shooters. In a few weeks, we’ll see how they perform in the City League, competing with many other countries.

The Venue

Esports in the UK is booming and venues are being opened all over all the country. One of these venues is the Liverpool based Horizon E-sport Club. Since it opened it’s doors in 2016, the Horizon E-sport Club offers a venue that brings a very remarkable, unique style. Combining an old-fashioned styled café with modern technology creates the perfect environment for all kinds of gamers.

Competing under the name Liverpool Horizon, the British hope to challenge the other cities and show them what the esporters from the UK are made off. They will try to succeed in this league at all costs, so matches where the UK peeps are involved should always be hella fun: passion, laughter and beer. Well… Maybe not so much of the latter.

The Players

The names of the competing players are yet to be announced, but we know for sure that with names like Ben ‘Bance’ Bance, Dylan ‘Madcat’ Daly, Thomas ‘Tommey’ Trewren from the Call of Duty team Splyce and Spencer ‘Gorilla’ Ealing who is a top player in FIFA, the United Kingdom brings forth amazing esporters.

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