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Here is a short wrap-up of the match Ghent Giants vs. Warsaw Meta. Ghent and Warsaw both were having a bit of a struggle in the beginning, so the last day really saw a nice match to wrap things up for on of the teams. Ghent was looking for a 2-2 overall score, while Warsaw was hunting the same result!

The Giants came out on top in the end, defeating Warsaw Meta with 4-0. Both teams are looking back on the pre-season with a good feeling, they really improved throughout the tournament! Now, let’s get on with Season 1 of the City League! Stay up-to-date by following our socials!


Team Roster of Warsaw

Warsaw Meta

Maciej “MPower” Pilch – Support

Jan “SirAquaron” Kuna – Tank

Michał “ColdWither” Ciechomski – DPS

Rafał “Sobotek” Sobótka – DPS

Magdalena “Binkoza” Grendus – Support

Mariusz “Raxav” Zawadzki – DPS

Bartłomiej “Besiu007” Szponarski- Support


Team Roster of Ghent

Ghent Giants

Dieter “dieterzLs” Van den bussche – Support

Kevin “Dhevin” D’haeze – Support

Michiel “emgine” Ginneberge – Tank

Ashley “Impulse” Vanrumste- DPS

Jels “Beebunnies” Van Looy – DPS

Kevin “Typhen” Danneels – Tank

Fabio “KingFabbe” Van Nieuwenhoven – DPS

Nathan “kolilibri” Langenberg – Support

Jurgen “Specialist” Vanbroekhoven – DPS

Arnz “Dieffs” Coesens- Support


You can check the videos of the matches here:

Match 1

Match 2

Match 3

Match 4


For all next matches, check out the ‘matches‘ page! Don’t miss a thing of this pre-season of City League, you can check out the stream page, subscribe to our YouTube channel or follow our Twitch channel. All highlights, full matches and funny moments will be uploaded to Twitch and YouTube. If you have something to share, please clip it during the livestream, we will keep an eye out for the clips with the highest number of views. We can’t wait for next week with even more esports content coming up!

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