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Here is a short wrap-up of the match Liverpool Horizon vs. Athens Ambassadors. While Liverpool was looking for another win to add to their record, Athens really wanted a win too to get rid of the 1-3 overall score. Up until this point, both teams faced a 1-3 total score, so the tension was high!

Athens showed pure class and defeated Liverpool  with a 4-0 sweep. This made Liverpools life even harder, now facing a 1-4 overall record. Athens pushed it to a nice 2-3 overall! Eager to find out what will happen on April the 8th for the last match day of pre-season? Find out on our Twitch Channel!

Team Roster of Liverpool

Liverpool horizon club page

Thomas “Wulf” Murray – Tank

Joseph “JACIDIƆUS” Richardson – Support

Neil “Serdonyx” Murray – Support

Sean “Kravos” Mulligan – Tank

Lew “Tiggzyy” Jones – Tank

James “Jayza” Harrison- DPS

Aidan “Rhaegar” Dalston- DPS


Team Roster of Athens

Athens club page

Nick “Shadeofdeath” Trapalis – DPS

John “TheCook” Karamanian – DPS

Giannis “DoritosDva” Mpintis – Support

Orestis “Roolash” Tsikouris – Support

Nikos “DerZa” Sofras – Tank

Michael “MickeyD” Damalas – Tank

John “Mcjohn1” Daniel – Support


You can check the videos of the matches here:

Match 1

Match 2

Match 3

Match 4


For all next matches, check out the ‘matches‘ page! Don’t miss a thing of this pre-season of City League, you can check out the stream page, subscribe to our YouTube channel or follow our Twitch channel. All highlights, full matches and funny moments will be uploaded to Twitch and YouTube. If you have something to share, please clip it during the livestream, we will keep an eye out for the clips with the highest number of views. We can’t wait for next week with even more esports content coming up!

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