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Here is a short wrap-up of the match Mostar Hornets vs. Alphen Emperors. With Alphen still looking for a win and Mostar trying to get a break-even 2-2 score, this match had a lot of potential to really amaze all the viewers. Did it work out that way?

Wel… In the end, it didn’t! Mostar Hornets were way too strong for the Emperors from Alphen, and the latter were just blown away by their enemy. A 4-0 win for Mostar helped them to get even in wins and losses, so they will be quite happy with the weekend! Wanna see how Mostar and Alphen will perform next time? Check out our Twitch Channel!

Team Roster of Mostar

Mostar Hornets

Matej “Gorgatah” Bezer – Tank

Haris “TenkreJoe” Šunje – Support

Luka “TwoWolves” Grgić- DPS

Vinko “Noizy” Marijanovic – DPS

Kristian “WizCrocodile” Malić- DPS

Arman “Avulsed” Kara – Tank

Ivica “WondeRR” Redzic- DPS

Srecko “Durke” Durakovic- DPS

Team Roster of Alphen

Alphen Emperors

Calvin “LeafedRose” van den Berg – Support

Ricardo “SuperDicq” – Tank

Tobias “Henkblaster” Zevenhoven – DPS

Laura “Loki” Schreuder – Support

Bart “Hellsice” Combee – DPS

Bao-Huy “SensAsiaNL” Nguyen – Tank

Daniël “Cornflakes” Kooij – DPS

Ismail Owusu “Ryoma” Acheampim – Tank



You can check the videos of the matches here:

Match 1

Match 2

Match 3

Match 4


For all next matches, check out the ‘matches‘ page! Don’t miss a thing of this pre-season of City League, you can check out the stream page, subscribe to our YouTube channel or follow our Twitch channel. All highlights, full matches and funny moments will be uploaded to Twitch and YouTube. If you have something to share, please clip it during the livestream, we will keep an eye out for the clips with the highest number of views. We can’t wait for next week with even more esports content coming up!

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