Open Bar 12/12 – Recap

On the 12th of December, three teams joined the very first City League Open Bar to play Rocket League. The evening was filled with excitement and the teams really put all their skills on the line to win the first ever title!

The teams

The Alphen Rhinos and Jersey Royals are already familiar with the City League concept, where Swordfish Banja Luka joined for the very first time. It turned out that the Swordfish team had just met in a local esports bar and decided that they wanted to play some Rocket League together! Unfortunately for them, the Rhinos and the Royals know their team mates well. They are able to make nemies like Swordfish sweat!

The Matches

The teams played best of three against each other, two times. This resulted in some interesting matches between every team, and all teams were featured on the livestream as well! The Alphen Rhinos and Jersey Royals had some very good players. This caused trouble for the Swordfish team, who had just met in a bar. Although it was clear that Swordfish was not going to make the finals, they kept playing and enjoying the tournament!

The Final

Not surprisingly, the final was an epic match between the Alphen Rhinos and Jersey Royals. The viewers on Twitch saw some great Rocket League plays from both sides! Both teams gave it their very best to beat the other. In the end, the mighty Alphen Rhinos took down Jersey Royals in overtime and secured the very first Open Bar win ever!

Thanks to everyone that was involved. The City League team has enjoyed the production a lot! Make sure you join our Discord Server to stay up-to-date on the next Open Bar!

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