Sean Wilderom

Head of tournaments

Sean Wilderom

Tournament director


Have you ever met a insane esports junkie? well now you have! I watch anything from hearthstone to CSGO and have done so for almost 10 years already.

My own electronic competitive spirit was born in 2002 when Medal of Honor: Allied Assault came out, quickly I started my own clan with my brother and 2 friends, playing over a laggy dial-up connection for a short time, soon we fused with a friend group from the Utrecht university who had a 100mb connecting for a server at that time already! we were called [RDK] and ruled the 1.00 mohaa scene.

Besides sitting behind my desk with red eyes staring at the screen? well I love race cycling in the summer, collecting Star Wars stuff ( giant nerd ), taking care of my fish in massive aquarium and of course play some darn games!

If you want to get in contact with me do so via the social contacts or hit me up on our own public discord, promise I will respons lightning fast.


Casting and hosting Pre Season City League
WESG Benelux Final at Firstlook Festival
Founded Esportswall

Contact Info

Discord: Seãn ‘Cuin’ Wilderom#5142

City League Discord server