Sjaak Kuil

The initiator of City League

Sjaak Kuil

The initiator of City League


Hello guys, my name is Sjaak and this is my esports story, glad you are here to see it for yourself!

I’ve always wanted to become an entrepreneur, right after my bachelor, I’ve launched the Esportswall platform. The mission of Esportswall was simple: create the esports experience for everyone, regardless of your skill level. I’ve hosted over a thousand online tournaments for all kinds of games and met so many esports enthusiasts on the way. Besides online events, we’ve also hosted several big offline events. The biggest event was the WESG Benelux final with a total prize pool of $10.000! 

City League is a unique online league format built on physical esports venues. Each team competes in their local venue, representing their city and venue in a live-streamed fight against every other team. Fans can watch their heroes play in person or the live stream on I see bright future ahead for City League, the concept has strong connections with traditional sports. My ultimate goal of City League is to create local esports heroes and set up the ground level of esports across the world. The road is still long, but I love to work on City League every day!

At last, I wanted to share a personal achievement with you. This year I’ve had the opportunity to be the head of production of the biggest gaming event of the Benelux; Firstlook Festival. Firstlook Festival is the biggest annual gaming event in the Benelux, welcoming 25,000 gamers to the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht to play the newest games, meet cosplayers, compete in esports events, and much more! It was a great experience that I’ll never forget, on to the next event! 


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Producer of Firstlook Festival
WESG Benelux Final at Firstlook Festival
Founded Esportswall

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