Tom Weerdhof

Tom Weerdhof

Designer & Graphics specialist


My interest in esports started with the Call of Duty franchise. I was playing a lot of Black Ops 2 at the time and learned a lot from watching the compititive scene. From that time onwards I started to appreciate watching competitive gaming. At college, people introduced me to the world of the MOBA’s, especially League of Legends. I was immediatly hooked and I am still hooked to this day. What i didn’t expect is that I like to watch the game more than to play it. I watch almost every game from the EULCS (now the LEC) and the NALCS. I love to watch teams compete on every level. When both teams give their 100% it always gives exploding action. It doesnt matter which game is played, League of Legends or something else. And that is what esports makes special for me.

Visual design is my passion. I am studying communication and multimedia design and love to design. I also love to think about (and build) new concepts. City League is a promising and interesting concept which immediately grabbed my interest.I always look for inspiration from regular sports to the biggest esports productions, but always try to give it my own spin on it. And i hope it shows!