Tom Oggel

Head of all content

Tom Oggel

Content manager


It was on this rainy monday evening somewhere in June, 2016. I was watching an item on a popular dutch gaming website in which Sjaak announced he needed writers for his new project: Esportswall. Well, I love to write, so I applied and a couple of days later I was writing juicy stories for the Esportswall website.

Little did I know that, two years laters, I would be involved in one of the most ambitious esports projects the world has ever seen. Alright… Maybe I got overexcited there, but City League is a very interesting project. I love to help it grow every day and interact with local communities to find out what they really need. 

If I’m not busy trying to make City League the next Snapchat, I love to ride my (race)bike, play some good poker, play the drums in an awesome band or just play a game or two.

All in all my life is pretty interesting, but that’s mainly because I’m just easily attracted to interesting stuff. 


Assistant production manager @ Firstlook Festival
WESG Benelux Final at Firstlook Festival
Joined Esportswall