Poland is ready to take on City League!

Did you know that Poland actually has 37 CounterStrike teams? Well, we didn’t know that either. But what we DO know is that they are ready to take on City League like never before. Find out why here!

Esports in Poland

Esports in Poland is booming. Everywhere you go, in every city, there is an esports team to be found. Whether this is in League of Legends, Overwatch or CounterStrike, the eastern esports superpower is there. To start with some impressive CS:GO figures: According to esportsearnings.com, Poland has 10 professional Counterstike Athletes who earned over $100,000.- playing CS:GO. Leading the top of the leaderboard is Filip ‘NEO’ Kubski who has earned more than $700,000.- by playing in tournaments. He was also part of the ‘Golden Five’ lineup in Counterstrike 1.6. This old lineup had a lot of success in the early days of CounterStrike. The main question is: Will the Gamers United Poland team be able to match these impressive numbers? Only time will tell.

The venue

The United Bialystok team is playing in the beautiful United Esports Pub in Bialystok. This modern venue has everything that is needed to guide future champions on to the path of glory. There are a lot of acivities going on and the community is very close to eachother. United is looking for wins, and wins only in group A of the very first City League season. Can they live up to the expectations? Or will they crumble with the finishing line in sight? Either way, Poland is stoked to get involved with City League, and we can’t wait to welcome them. Give it you very best!

If you want to stay in touch with United Bialystok, or with any other City League team: Get in touch! Just join our Discord Server, or hit us up over at Twitter. We’ll appreciate that <3

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