RL League information

RL League Rules & Format

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  • City League is exclusively for physical esports venues only
  • Teams will play every match from inside the esports club
  • Clubs represent their respective city
  • Clubs are responsible for working equipment
  • Matches may start later but never earlier than the schedule
  • Check in atleast half hour before the match with the respective admin
  • Team consists of a maximum of 6 players, including 2 subs and a coach
  • Substitutes are allowed between maps
  • Game: Rocket League
  • Region: Europe

Prize pool & Donations

  • Total prize pool of € 50 ,-
  • Prize pool distributions: first place 100%
  • Prize pool can grow with donations
  • 100% of the donations will go into the prize pool
  • Donation rewards: € 5 Shoutout in livestream and chat - € 15 Your name will be listed on the website page prize pool - € 31.99 Special role in Discord - € 100 Your name will be listed in a news article regarding the City League prize pool

The League

Divided in two stages

Swiss stage

  • Match consist of 3x Bo5 ( best of 5 ) per week
  • Expected time per match is 35 minutes
  • Play three match every week

Playoff stage

  • Playoff semi finals matches will be Bo5 ( best of 5 )
  • Expected time per match is 35 minutes
  • Playoff stage will take place the 4th week
  • Semi finals and finals are played the same day
  • The final will be played in a Bo7 ( Best of 7 )
  • Expected time per match is 45 minutes


All things tech
  • A pause of max 3 min after each match
  • 3x 1 minutes technical pause maximum per match and must be called by tech pause
  • When a round goes live and there has been scored without a tech call, it will be played out as normal
  • If a team is out of technical pauses and the problem is still not fixed, that team will receive a forfeit loss
Map pool
  • DFH Stadium
  • Urban Central
  • Beckwith Park
  • Utopia Coliseum
  • Mannfield
  • Wasteland
  • AquaDome
  • Champions Field
  • Neo Tokyo
Server settings
  • Team Size: 3v3
  • Bot Difficulty: No Bots
  • Mutators: None
  • Match Time: 5 Minutes
  • Joinable By: Name (City League)/Password (TBT)
  • Server: Europe