Season one is just around the corner! What to expect?

Though the last post was kinda sad, we have to move on with the City League concept. Instead of thinking about what isn’t going to happen, we are thinking about what is! With season one, we are moving forward with new, exciting partners, venues and players from all over Europe to keep City League alive! This post is just so you know that we are not sipping juices in the Bahama’s, but we are actually working our asses of for a brandnew, exciting season!

What to expect in Season one?

While our social channels will be a bit quiet right now, there is a lot to look out for. We are talking with potential partners from all over Europe to invest in our project and support us along the way. We are also looking in to new games to offer you, so you can get in to the action with your team again, at your own venue! Just stay awake around here and we’ll try to shoot you an update every week!

For now: Stay in to esports, stay excited and above all: stay united!

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