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These are the benefits for you as a venue

What's in it for you?

  • ContentEach partner venue represent their city in City League. Teams will play at your venue, create content around these rising stars.
  • Local heroesYour venue is the start for every esports enthusiast in your region. Support the development of local heroes into European Champions. Help them grow!
  • Local presenceTransfor your esports bar in to a club and set up new local sponsorships, engage with local communities and connect with a local media partner.
  • International reachCity connections ensure a natural local fan base in each city. Gather new European fans for your venue team through the livestream.
This is what you can earn playing in the City League


For glory!

Fame, glory and honor are always part of the City League prize pool. Give your very best and you will go down in history as the eternal champion of a season! 

Size of the prize pool

8 teams = € 400

12 teams = € 600

16 teams = € 800

Prize pool distribution

1st place = 75% of prize pool

2nd place = 25% of prize pool

What are the costs?

Entry fee

Try one season

Want to try out one season for the first time? You can do so for € 100,-! If you like the City League vibe and concept, and enter the league for 3 or 6 regular seasons, you’ll get your try-out money refunded!

Size of the prize pool

Regular season = € 200

Six month access (3x regular season) = € 600 – € 450

Year long access (6x regular season) = € 1200 – € 600