TCL: League of Legends Season One

The very first TCL League of Legends season is coming up, so here is a little insight in what will be going on! We are getting ready behind the scenes to bring you the best possible esports experience. League of Legends is going to be awesome, and the community has been screaming for it for quite some time now. Let’s see who is competing.

 The team

The teams that are competing are all teams that we have seen here before. League of Legends is a first for TCL though, so we’ll never know what we can expect. Every team will bring their very best!

That’s a great list of teams! 8 places all filled up and ready to go. We don’t really know what to expect from anyone, but one thing is sure: Kappa Jonkoping will not be able to defend their title! The other teams will surely be looking to defend the TCL Title.

League of Legends schedule

So when is it all starting? The 17th of April are the very first matches. Be sure to check our Schedule for all matches, dats and times!

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