TCL: New divisions and upcoming seasons

A traditional sports structure, with physical clubs and multiple divisions, is showing huge potential for esports in the future! 

Sjaak KuilCity League CEO

New division structure

With TCL (The City League), a new format of amateur esports is launched. To offer the best possible experience to everyone involved, TCL will be working with a new division structure. 

What does this mean? Instead of having one division for all clubs, TCL will offer more divisions so more teams get the chance to play against others. It will look like this: 


As you can see, teams in the lower divisions can fight themselves upwards. Much like you are used to see in football! 

Amateur teams

With this new format, TCL is aiming on providing more content to amateur teams. Also, clubs get the chance to compete in TCL with multiple teams on different levels. We all can’t wait to see Alphen Rhinos 4 against Mostar Hornets 3, right!?

This will be exciting, because the lower teams are all fighting for the top spot to move on to the next division. They will face new challenges there against tougher opponents. These divisions will offer content all year long to the teams that are competing. It also gives less skilled or serious gamers the chance to join lower divisions and play against players with the same mindset and skill level.  

How to join TCL?

Are you a venue owner and you want to join TCL? Great! Check out the Sign up page for everything you need to know about how to join. If you are an esports team and you want to compete in TCL, make sure to contact an esports venue near you. 

Any questions, or got excited? Shoot City League a message on Twitter, or join our Discord server and PM the staff. There is always enough room for teams and clubs to join, so make sure you hop in the action and compete in one of the most exciting esports competitions on the planet! 

Upcoming seasons

There are also new season on the way! Make sure to keep an eye on the schedule page for all the information on scheduled matches. For now, these are the sceduled seasons:

  • League of Legends: 12/06/2019
  • CS:GO: 13/06/2019

Both seasons will make use of the new division structure, and TCL is aiming to start both seasons with 2 divisions! Make sure to follow us on Twitch so you get notified when we are live with the new seasons!  

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