TCL Report #1 – Swordfish and Bialystok clash

The very first day of season 3 has been played and the teams are now calmly reflecting on their performace. Time for us to look back on what was an awesome first day of the season! Swordfish Banja Luka and United Bialystok went head to head in the first match. Over on Twitch there were people cheering for both sides, and awesome clips were clipperino’ed!

Swordfish and United – Balanced teams

Banja Luka and Bialystok clashed in the very first match, which saw now winner in the end! Bialystok took the lead on the first map, Cache. While it seemed that they would be able to push on for a 2-0 victory, Swordfish managed to impress with a win on Mirage, the second map. And thus the first match of the season ended in an awesome draw, 1-1!

Confusing defuse!

During the match, a weird defuse moment captured everyone’s attention. Was the bomb defused, or not?

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