TCL Report #2 – Awesome week two action

In the second week of the third CS:GO Season of TCL, we were all hyped for new matches to be played. The first match saw Swordfish Banja Luka battle Kappa Jonkoping. The second match was a clash between United Bialystok and Mostar Hornets. Over on Twitch there were people cheering for both sides, and awesome clips were clipperino’ed!

Clear TCL leads for Kappa and United

The first match between Swordfish and Kappa was an entertaining one. On both maps, the Swedes got the better of the Bosnians, beating them with 16-11 two times. Bialystok and Mostar then fought for pride in the second clash of the day. This match saw United win with 16-12 and 16-9 on inferno and train, respectively.

This means that Kappa Jonkoping and United Bialystok are at the top of the leaderboard. Check our live CS:GO coverage next week to get in on the action again!

Casters going wild!

The match between United Bialystok and Mostar Hornets saw so awesome clutches, and this one got the attention of the casters as well!

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