TCL Seasonal Recap: League of Legends #2 and CS:GO #5

I wonder what adventure today has in store for all of us


Participating teams

With CS:GO Season five and League of Legends season two completed, let’s take a look on how things worked out for all participating teams. Also, let’s see what’s ahead TCL! 

These were the participating teams this season:


League of Legends

Just like last TCL season, Swordfish Banjaluka showed up with multiple teams! HuB Valence, The Hub Leuven and Antwerp Lions were also participating in two different games. New names were MCES Marseille, Newguys Jeblanica, Eindhoven Lunatics and The Hub Leuven! 

The TCL seasons


The first TCL CS:GO matches of season five started on the 13th of June. Four matches were played and some teams really started on the right foot. Swordfish Banjaluka showed that they were here to defend the title, and beat The Hub Leuven 1 to 0. United Bialystok, Mostar Horets and HuB Valence also won on the very first matchday.

All the games until the semi-finals were best of one. This resulted in quick, interesting play by all teams. No time to sit on a win or loss: just get in the fight and take that one point! 

Four teams were able to reach the semi-finals: Mostar Hornets, HuB Valence, Swordfish Banjaluka and NewGuys Jeblanica. Mostar showed they were very consistent once again, when they beat HuB Valence 2 to 0. The other match needed a third match, and saw Banjaluka win in the end. 

The final between Mostar and Banjaluka was one for the history books, and the fishes were able to take it down in the end! 

Watch all CS:GO vods here!

League of Legends

League of Legends started one day before CS:GO, on the 12th of June. Eight teams joined the second ever LoL season at City League, and from the beginning it was clear who really stood out. HuB Valence and SP Thessaloniki had a great start and beat their enemies quite easily. These were two favorites, so it was no surprise that they made the semi final, together with Antwerp Lions and The Hub Leuven. 

Both semi finals resulted in 2 – 0 stomps in favor of the big favorites, so we were in for a treat when the final arrived. Both teams did not hesitate and gave their absolute best. As a result, a very entertaining final was decided in favor of Hub Valence: 2 – 1.

Watch all LoL vods here! 

What's next?

First and foremost: a new game is added to the mix! Rocket League will make it’s debut on the City League calendar for the next seasons. If you are interested to join with your club, please contact our staff in the Discord Server

Season starting dates:

  • Rocket League – 13 august – 20:00 – 21:00 CEST
  • League of Legends – 14 august – 19:00 – 23:00 CEST – incl livestream!
  • CS:GO – 15 august – 19:00 – 23:00 CEST – incl livestream!

Make sure to tune in to our livestream to check all the action live! Also: Join our Discord Server to ask questions if you have any, or to just say hi 🙂


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