The esports hub in Valence, France
HuB Valence

HuB Valence is back this season to battle against the other venues. They are interested in the City League concept since they, too, try to give the local amateur esports scene a boost. They joined City League to have fun, and that is the goal all along. The venue offers content all day long multiple consoles and PC’s. How exciting! Internal competitions are now mixed with the City League content. Here is what they are all about. 

We are a public gaming house,  and are located in Valence, France. We opened 4 years ago now. Our goal is to create a friendly place, where players of any age can come and have a good time playing the games that are now popular. We develop the amateur esport in France, an entirely different way of consuming gaming.


Esports at the service of living together

HuB Esport Valence


Latest result

Monday10:30 - 20:00
Tuesday10:30 - 20:00
Wednesday10:30 - 20:00
Thursday10:30 - 22:30
Friday10:30 - 22:30
Saturday10:30 - 22:30
Sunday12:30 - 17:30